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Jason Weinstein

Assistant Professor, Chancellor Scholar

Jason has long-held an interest in immunology, particularly in understanding T-B collaboration in normal and autoimmune responses. As a graduate student at the University of Florida, he studied the mechanisms underlying the generation of autoreactive B and T lymphocyte responses in lupus. As a postdoctoral fellow at Yale he examined the developmental requirements of T follicular helper cells, with the goal of applying these findings to autoimmunity. Jason used state-of-the-art bioinformatics and functional genomics to identify novel Tfh-cell specific enhancer elements from chronically inflamed human tonsils. Jason then integrated bioinformatics and genomics tools with cellular immunology approaches to examine how Tfh cells regulate the GC response in acute viral and helminth infections, models of type 1 and type 2 immune responses, respectively, with the goal to then dissect chronic autoimmune models for similarities.


Jason Weinstein
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